Our first outing!

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Her First Trip
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Photo 27-12-2016, 16 23 43
We have always loved water. Everywhere we go we tend to seek out the sea or a river or lake. Something about it is just so peaceful. We were so lucky to experience a truly incredible sunset too- a perfect first trip. The ride was only about an hour and we timed it perfectly for the sunset, but we were slightly too late for the little cafe on the shore. This was a shame as they do the best hot chocolates!! Jade said she wanted one of their incredible milkshakes- despite the fact it was 3 degrees! Strange girl.
It was too pretty to go straight home, so we shivered on the shore and watched the amazing show. We tried to skim stones, but only Jay has the 'knack'. Jade and I just throw stones into the sea......! The bike was great and looked awesome. Definitely pleased with our choice. So much so that now Kat is considering one for her......

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