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Triumph Scrambler 2014
New Home
So, in our last post we mention how much Kat had enjoyed being a pillion on the Triumph Scrambler. She had jokingly mentioned that perhaps she should get one too.
Kat hadn't ridden for about 2 years. Her lovely Suzuki Bandit GSF 650 was quietly rotting in the garage. She had managed to scare the bejesus out of herself by daring to ride on the same stretch of road as an idiot white van man and had declared herself an 'ex' rider ever since. Which was a shame, as she'd only ridden about 50 miles in her entire life!
The problem is, once riding is in your blood, it's in your blood, and its a pretty much incurable disease. Kat found it easy to ignore with her last bike- although readers should note that she could never quite bring herself to sell it.
That is, until she started looking for another Scrambler to match Jay's. Obviously, we couldn't afford another brand new one and we didn't want two identical bikes anyway- but there was a stunning matt blue one in the local dealership. 
So guess what she's bought!? Now, she just has to be brave and learn to ride it!

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