Learning to ride again

Triumph Scrambler 2014
Some say getting back on a bike is easy. In fact it's just like 'riding a bike'. Ha Ha.
However, for those of us new-ish to riding, who have scared themselves silly and who really don't want to get squished by a truck, it's a little harder to be brave and just jump back into it.
I (Kat) hadn't ridden for two years. I'd looked longingly at my old bike but could never quite find the right time and my nerve. Silly really, because the longer I left it, the worse it got.
Which led us to here. A fairly sizeable public car park near our house. Jay had ridden my new shiny bike here with me in the car following, but now here I was, sitting on my new toy, too scared to even start the ignition.
Pathetic, huh?
What was I so afraid of? Well, honestly, dropping the damn thing and ruining the shiny pipes and immaculate paintwork. This bike is two years old but there's barely a scratch on her and I really didn't want to be the idiot who ruined that. 
She's heavy, but about the same as the Bandit, so she wasn't TOO heavy. I knew I was in a sheltered quiet area of the car park and there was no one else around. I knew Jay was there to help if I needed him. And yet, my heart was pounding and my palms were a sweaty mess in my gloves.
Taking a deep breath, I pulled out the choke and started the engine. Nothing happened. Oh yeah, kill switch. Muppet.
She started on the second attempt and that roar is just awesome. I'd forgotten how much fun that was. The possibilities are endless when you have a bike and some fuel and now I was excited as well as nervous.
I will be forever grateful to my husband. Many men would perhaps have mocked the fear, told me to 'man up' and 'get on with it', but instead he patiently talked me through it and then pointed at a spot about 10ft in front of me. 'Just ride to there', he said. Somehow, that didn't seem so scary, so I did! Talk about elation. 
We spent some time just going up and down the car park. I remembered how to turn, stop, use both legs (I was never great at that!) and pull out of junctions safely. We moved on to a local industrial estate and I just went round and round in circles. It was great and helped my confidence no end! 
A little more time and I shall be ready to take my toy on the road, without being a danger to myself or others. I refuse to go onto a road until I feel confident and competent.
I know many people might read this post and mock my (probably irrational) fear. But I also hope someone might read it and remember that biking is dangerous wherever you are and sometimes a little more practice is a great idea- even if no one knows about it! 🙂
Till next time x

Our first outing!

Photo 27-12-2016, 16 24 42
Her First Trip
Photo 27-12-2016, 16 21 17
Photo 27-12-2016, 16 23 43
We have always loved water. Everywhere we go we tend to seek out the sea or a river or lake. Something about it is just so peaceful. We were so lucky to experience a truly incredible sunset too- a perfect first trip. The ride was only about an hour and we timed it perfectly for the sunset, but we were slightly too late for the little cafe on the shore. This was a shame as they do the best hot chocolates!! Jade said she wanted one of their incredible milkshakes- despite the fact it was 3 degrees! Strange girl.
It was too pretty to go straight home, so we shivered on the shore and watched the amazing show. We tried to skim stones, but only Jay has the 'knack'. Jade and I just throw stones into the sea......! The bike was great and looked awesome. Definitely pleased with our choice. So much so that now Kat is considering one for her......

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