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About us

2016 was a particularly crappy year for several reasons. In order to cheer ourselves up, we decided to treat Jay to a new bike. He'd always (ALWAYS) wanted a Steve McQueen Scrambler, so we went to our lovely local Triumph dealer to have a look at some.
The salesman (shout out to Warren) was brilliant at his job and obviously saw a couple of suckers, because the first thing he pulled out was a BRAND NEW triumph Scrambler. Oh, it was pretty. Shiny gloss black paint, even shinier chrome pipes. Everything glittered and shimmered under the lights in the salesroom. The earth stopped spinning, birds sang more sweetly and Warren smiled wider. We were utterly in love.
Obviously, brand new, never ridden bikes cost a LOT more than the second hand, battered 'going to do it up' version we had arrived to see. So we spent the money we'd saved up for Christmas (sorry family) and bought it anyway. Heck, you only live once!
A week later, we proudly collected it from the showroom. This was the end of December. It was raining and around 2 degrees. Poor Jay had an unpleasant ride home, but he ended it beaming- totally in love with his new toy.


After buying Jay's bike, and going for our test ride to Stokes Bay, we agreed this style of bike would be a lot of fun for our adventures we were planning around Europe. Our daughter enjoys bike riding too so we needed another bike so the three of us could go together.
Kate hadn't ridden for several years, so this more relaxed style of riding was highly appealing.
As luck would have it, our same lovely Triumph dealership (shout out to Warren again!) had a nearly new Scrambler in, this time in the blue. We didn't want to be too matchy-matchy! A deal was struck and here we are!
It was around this time that the idea of exploring new places around the World started building in our minds. At the moment, we are still in the very very early planning stages. Our daughter needs to finish college (another 2 years) and we need to arrange gap years for work. But if all that comes off..... bring on Autumn 2019!!


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